What is twin flame love about?

Originally, twin flames are one soul, which divided in two, in order to incarnate seperatly, to make different experienes.
When they are mature enough, they meet again with the goal of reunion.
They make an appointment for one of their last lifes on earth, to celebrate this major event for their souls. But the reunion is easier said then done, because the love between twin flames is so divine and pure, that the Ego, which has been created out of painful experienced we had in order to secure us from pain, can t exist. The ego was created to secure us from our wounds we suffered, because we believe we couldn t stand the pain of feeling it again.
So we built our personalty and behaviour in a way, so we don t have to feel the pain, even though it is only a small part of our true self.

The twin flame meeting.

When you meet your twin flame in real life, you see your own mirror which would make you complete, right in front of you. That s why the attraction is so unbelievably strong, because the ultimate goal for a soul is to find the true self again.
Most of the time, the meeting is very passionate and magical, there is no way you can withdraw from this attraction.
In this stage the twin flame process is activated. The two souls have recognized each other and life changes forever.
Because the connection is that devine and full of light, the shadow in us is immediately starting to show up. Parts in us we suppressed, because they were hurt once or we couldn t live them, arise and get in the way.
A unstoppable dynamic begins, because both parts are heavily confrontaded with their shadows, so a relationship at that moment is not possible. The seperation of the twin flames is now initiated, in order for both parts to learn their lessons and heal their old wounds.
On earth we live in duality of the male and female principle. (Yin-Yang principle) The goal is to overcome the duality by uniting the male and the female power.
When the twin flames meet for the first time, one of them tends to live in the male power most of the time and one in the female power most of the time. In order to reunite both souls need to integrate their missing parts in themselves.

The twin flame process

Traditionally in the twin flame constellation there is a so called “chaser” and a “runner”. The “chaser” is a person who normally is perfect when it comes to dealing with the female principle, which is the soft, passiv , emotional side. But the male principle, which is about active, taking action, say no to others, using you mind, is not developed that good.

The “runner” tends to be driven only by the male principle, which is the mind. Dealing with love and emotions seems to be impossible, because this side was never really developed and hurt. He tends to run from his feelings.
The dynamic begins with the escape from the “mind”, who, after this amazing meeting, loses more and more control of his feelings, which is a total threat in his world.
He rejects his twin flame more and more, sometimes even gets insulting, just to keep control and not to be vulnerable.
He starts building up a huge wall against his twin flame.

Once you’ve  met your twin flame,
your life changes forever.

The “chaser” , who only wants to live this beautiful love, is left behind devastaded and often can t explain this behaviour.
Most of the time the “chaser” has an inner knowing that her twin flame actually loves them.
Ideally the “chaser” now understands that she has to do something, which she never could: letting go.
She understands that she never lived her male aspects and starts to develop them.

On the road she finds self-love and self-esteem, so learns to say no to things that are not good for her.
The “chaser” now knows what she wants in life and that she deserves it.

For the “chaser” live is pretty easy at the beginning of the process. Because twin flames are inseparably connected,
he feels that he won t loose his twin flame and can keep control of his life.

Also, at the beginning of the process, energy flows from the “chaser” to the “runner” . Because the heart just can’t draw the line, because she misses him that much.
But if the “chaser” now focuses on her lessons and finds self-love, the attention shifts and the “runner” gets less and less energy.
But since he needs this energy to fight against his feelings, he more and more runs out of energy.

Now it is only a matter of time until the runner “runs out of gas” , fighting against his heart.

The circle is broken through, when his heart finally wins over his mind.
Painfully he now sees that he pushed away what he secretly loves most and craves.
He now will try to win back the love of his life.

Now the twin flame process is fullfilled and the path for the most beautiful love on earth is open.

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