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Your whole life is turned upside down, when you meet your twin-flame. Everything you thought you knew about yourself, love and life is erased instantly. In my work as a therapist and in my seminars, I am constantly confronted with interesting questions.

Over the time I discovered that most questions are asked about the same topics.

This is a list of the most frequently asked questions.

The twin flame path

Self love 99
Boundaries 99
Forgiveness 99
Unconditional love 99
The attraction you feel when you meet your twin flame is out of this world. There is no hiding from it. After the twin flames first connect, one of them begins to run from the deep love and the relationship falls apart.

There are some reasons why this happens:

• First of all, the connection twin flames share is so deep and intense, the ego (the false self of us, we created to secure us from the pain we don’t want to feel again) immediately rises up.

Deep wounds from the past emerge and make it almost impossible for the twins to get along.

Ideally, the twin flame who was left behind starts to heal the wounds and feelings which came up

with the departure of her twin. When the healing is accomplished, the foundation for a harmonious relationship is laid.

•  Your twin flame is the direct mirror of yourself. This means he has no other choice then to mirror you directly, where you stand in life and as a person.

For example, if you still have the wound of being left behind inside you and you have a deep fear of being left, your twin has no other choice then mirroring the wound.

On a higher level, this is the gift he has for you, so that you can heal yourself.

I know it is a tough pill to swallow, because you feel hurt and they often treat you very unfair, but it is very beneficial to see the big picture and forgive.

• Another reason why twin flames separate is that fact that us humans can comprehend things in their depth when we know the opposite.

We are born into a world of duality. There is an opposite to everything. Light and dark, hot and cold.

This helps us to grasp what we are. In order to deeply understand what happiness is, it is a huge help for us to know sadness.

When it comes to twin flames, it is the loss and the distance which makes us comprehend this once in a lifetime love.

Experience shows that twin flames are kind of opposite when they meet. There is one part, who tends to be in the feminine energy ( passive energy, feelings etc.) when it comes to relationships and the other part, who tends to be in the male energy ( active, mind, etc.).

In the course of the twin flame process, both parts need to integrate their missing parts in themselves. Without having healed those wounds, the relationship will not work out.

With twin flames, the one who was left behind, often feels a massive energy loss, to a point were some can’t even function in their everyday life anymore.

The only way out of this wearing situation is to heal the wounds your twin flame brings up in you. Most of the twins who are left behind suffer under wounds of lost and rejection.

They lose most of your energy trying to suppress those wounds.

But if they are brave and start healing those wounds they soon feel much better and full of energy.

If you need help healing those wounds, you find it here.

There are certain signs on which you can be pretty sure you found your twin flame.

Experience shows that those who have a down to earth view on this connection, make the most progress.

At the end of the day, you met a person who changed your whole life. You cannot imagine loving someone else like this person. So the best thing you can do is get to the point, where the love doesn’t feel painful anymore. Sounds easy but it often takes a lot of work.

Transform all the feelings which keep you from accepting the situation like it is right now and you will feel very peaceful.

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The only way out is through yourself. Even if it hurts, you need to face your wounds and feelings, your twin flame brings up in you.

This is not easy but you can master it. You only meet your twin flame if it is in you to master it.

Start to heal your wounds and integrate utilities like meditation in your everyday life to make progress. Don’t be shy to look for help when it comes to the healing of your wounds. Sometimes it is important to have someone by your side, who helps you carry the load.

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If you did something to your twin flame which you regret, don’t worry.

The connection exist beyond time and space. Just like you already miss your twin flame even though you saw him 2 minutes ago, conflicts can be fixed easily.

It is important that you forgive yourself for your mistake and if your twin flame brings the topic up, you apologize.

After that don’t let your twin bring the topic up over and over again.

Boundaries are one of the main keys when it comes to twin flames.

If you don’t have established healthy boundaries, the relationship with your twin flame will not work out.

Unfortunately, this topic is often left out in twin flame discussions, yet it is crucial.

We have 2 main needs as a human being. The one is to give and receive love (which stand for the feminine energy) and the other is to express ourself in the world (which stands for the male energy), with our talents and gifts we have inside of us.

Ideally, there is a permanent intercourse between those two needs as we move forward with our lives (yin and yang).  The one need makes us feel one with our environment and the other lets us be individual and separate, so we can carry out our specific talents into the world.

The need to express ourselves is often suppressed by the part of the twin flames, who is left behind (also known as the chaser).

Because of childhood wounding etc., they tend to disregard this need, especially in relationships.

They tend to melt with their partner to much.

Because twin flames mirror each other things, the other twin will instantly show this imbalance, for example by leaving or feeling overwhelmed.

Because of that, it is so crucial for you to establish healthy boundaries, so that even when you are in a relationship, you are balanced between those to needs and your twin doesn’t have to mirror you the imbalance anymore.

If you don’t establish healthy boundaries, you will not be able to maintain a harmonious relationship with your twin flame.

Need help with boundaries? Click here.

Being a heart person, often it is not easy to understand the behavior of your twin flame.

Sometimes they hold on to relationships that are obviously over.

This shows how different twin flames are at their meeting.

While you start relationships because of love and the desire to share feelings, your twin tends to have relationships, where he is in control and where there is little danger of getting hurt.

Mostly they have partners that are easy to handle and have low boundaries.

When twin flames meet, this person instantly feels the potential loss of control and a potential heart break. So the reaction is running away, often into emotional empty relationships, where they can hide.

Furthermore, they tend to have an exaggerated feeling of being responsible. They often don’t allow themselves to leave a broken marriage, because they would feel guilty.

This often refers to their upbringing where they had to carry responsibility way to early.

But don’t worry! Love is the most powerful energy in the universe. He will master it.

After you have been left from your twin flame, most of the time you don’t see any change. Your twin seems to live a normal life and sometimes even tells you how happy he is.

One reason for this is the fact that most of the twin flame runners learned to wear masks since their childhood. They try to portray strength and don’t want to be seen weak.

Most of the time they hide under their masks, until they literally have no more strength to do so.

But for your own development it is important that you don’t know he is secretly missing you and thinking of you all the time. Otherwise you probably wouldn’t fulfill your part of the journey.

No, the opposite is the case. This is a good sign, because in the course of this path you need to fully integrate the masculine energy inside of you. This active energy has more to do with activity, the mind and not with feelings. So if there are times when you don’t think of your twin for some time, relax and enjoy your life, everything is fine!

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