Today, I will introduce you to the four golden keys on the twin flame journey for the first time. I am sure of one thing: It will change your view on twin flames!

Since day 1 of my own twin flame encounter, I am absolutely fascinated about this topic. I still know exactly how I then, freshly separated, sat on the lake at night and read a book about this special soul connection. The weeks before I was in a miserable condition. I felt a heavy pain of seperation I’ d never thought would be even possible. However, this book ignited something in me. The book described the typical dynamics of such a connection and what it has to do with oneself. I was fascinated. Instead of continuing to wallow in my grief, I suddenly began to see this path as a training camp. My twin flame does not even look at me anymore… ok, how does it make me feel ?  She is dating someone else … ok, what feelings are coming up? Therefore, I worked myself out od the slump bit by bit and became more and more free. During this time, I was always very excited, how this one person has the power to change my whole life and forces me to develop in a spectacular fast time. After a short time, I felt something new rising inside of me. It was the sense of responsibility. I wanted to help others who have experienced the same. I began to examine each of my own development steps carefully in order to make them accessible to others. This inner desire grew more and more. It became so strong that I decided to specialize my work on twin flames. Today, 3 years later, I have already conducted over 1000 sessions with twin flames. The enormous amount of experience that I have gained since, has helped me to get an ever clearer look at the twin flame phenomenon.

All this added up to let me find the four golden keys on the twin flame journey. These keys are essential when you have a twin flame and you want to master your part. Here’s an overview on the 4 keys:

The first key: overcoming your soul wounds.

Can you remember the day when you and your twin flame split? Tremendous soul pain came over you and you probably didn’t even know how to survive it at the beginning. The reason for this is the deep connection you share with your twin flame. He has the power to put his fingers directly on your deepest wounds. The wounds that we suppressed a long time ago and by choice would never ever want to feel again. As we automatically try to cover our soul wounds of abandonment, rejection, and so on, we lose an incredible amount of energy, at the beginning, when we are left by our twin. Most report that they didn’t even have the strength to master their everyday life anymore.

That is why the first key is overcoming your soul wounds. If you accomplish it, you’ll have already achieved a lot. You’ll feel much more energetic and you won’t be thinking about your twin flame, 24/7 anymore. Since your twin flame is your closest mirror, you will see the fruits of your inner work in the outside as well. For example, if there is still a wound of rejection inside you, your twin, as your closest mirror has no other choice than showing you the wound by actually rejecting you.

The Second Key: Find your vision and your goals.

The chaser, who is the typically the one being left behind by their twin, is traditionally literally a prisoner of their own feelings at the start. Because their soul wounds of rejection and abandonment are coming up, when their twin runs, they remain in the female energy constantly and loose tons of energy. For them, it is a huge task, to dig themselves out, towards the light, male energy. For most chasers, the male energy is one part of themselves, they never really integrated, due to their soul wounds and patterns. When they overcame their wounds they feel a lot better and they climbed up a part of the ladder towards the male energy. This is the state, many twin flame chasers stop their journey, because they feel a little lighter. What they don’t know is, that you have to climb the ladder towards the male energy all the way up. Visions and goals help us to develop ourselves and dive into the essence of our souls, as we all have a purpose wanting to be lived. Also, the chaser has always been good at being there for others. Focusing on theirselves is something most of them have to learn. These attributes can hardly be better integrated than with visions and goals. Goals are events that we want to achieve in the future and we have to use our mind to reach them. Whoever begins to set small goals and consistently implements them, fulfills the second golden key.

The third golden key: abundance.

If you have mastered the second key, you will feel even better. You are able to keep your twin flame out of your mind every once in a while, when you need to function and follow your vision. Now it is essential, that you don’t stop and climb the ladder towards your male energy and lightness all the way up. And this is the point where abundance comes into play. Have you ever been in a situation, where you didn’t know how to pay your rent? One thing is for sure. When the money gets scarce, it is extremely difficult to feel at ease in your life! Many chasers do not attach great importance to the issue of finance. In the world in which we live, money is a source for freedom and security. Fortunately, most of them learn to integrate this subject into their lives quickly, in order to accomplish this golden key.

The fourth golden key: the yin-yang balance.

The twin flame journey is probably the most challenging path a soul can walk. In general, the twin flame path takes several years to be mastered. For the chaser, it is a long, intense journey to move out of the initial pain, toward the male energy and lightness. On the way to integrate their male parts, many report that they haven’t thought of their twin flame for months and haven’t felt much emotions at all. This phenomenon is also the intention of your soul, because the pendulum should really turn completely towards male energy before it finds itself in balance again. To balance out your newly found male energy with your female energy, is your finishing touch on your twin flame path. Twin flames share one energy field and mirror each other intensely. If the yin yang balance isn’t right and you, for example still tend to be in the female energy too long, your twin flame has no other choice then mirroring it to you by being mainly in the male energy.

If you master the 4 golden keys on your twin flame path, you’ ve achieved the first priority, which is, finding and living out your true self again. Now the universe will open its gates for a special relationship on a high level. Either there will be a reunion with your twin or you will meet another soulmate. Either way, you will live a fulfilled life!

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