"A life dedicated to transformation."

About Julian Heppt

In his twenties, Julian already experienced the “dark night of the soul.” He suffered under major depression and panic attacks. He understood quickly that it’s about turning shadow into light and began to face his inner demons. But nothing changed his life more than his twin flame encounter in 2013. An already intense journey became unstoppable and gave him the last push to return to his true self.

Completely fascinated by the twin flame path and the transformation that it brought with it, he decided to support others on their path. Today, over 5 years after the start of his German Website “Dualseelen Zeit” his passion is still ongoing.

A highlight of his work, on which he looks back with gratitude, was the publication of his book being the first on this topic printed by a well known German mainstream publisher. His greatest strength is transformation work, in which he helps people in their development with heart and great clarity.

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