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For over 5 years, we have been helping twin flames to master their path. The processes triggered by such a connection go beyond what you thought you knew. This unique journey is often extremely difficult to solve alone. You need a mentor that helps you uncover the hidden details of the dynamic and guides you to become an energetic match.

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Deep feelings paired with intense soul pain.

What are twin flames?

Twin flames are a unique form of soul connection. Traditionally within days or weeks they end up in a relationship or an affair caused by the supernatural attraction. But the deeper a love is, the greater the risk of getting hurt, so twin flames usually separate very quickly. Deep emotional pain follows, which only stops when those affected find themselves first. The following signs are typical for a twin flame encounter:

The encounter with a twin flame immediately triggers deep feelings that those affected had never felt before, let alone thought possible. Suddenly the life is a completely different one. Often twin flames are in another relationship or marriage which makes things even more complicated. 

In most cases, it doesn’t take much time before problems or even a separation occurs between twin flames. Often one of the two, mostly the man, withdraws out of fear of the deep feelings. The abandoned one, mainly the woman, experiences deep emotional pain, and the fear of losing their twin flame forever dominates their life in the beginning. An intense loss of energy and constant thoughts about the other person are the result. In this phase, many of those affected find it difficult to cope with everyday life at first.

Another phenomenon that people experience after a twin flame encounter is that unexpected gifts and talents are revealed. After the initial pain has been overcome, many report that their current job no longer feels right and that they feel the increasingly urgent need to change their career. Living out one’s purpose is an essential key on the twin flame path. Often, it suddenly works out between twin flames when those affected bring their potential into the world.

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We help people to find themselves and to (re)attract the perfect partner into their life.

 Julian Heppt is an expert in relationships and has served clients in 12 countries over 5 years. 
The vision of helping people to lead deep and fulfilling relationships drives him day in and day out. His next goals include holding seminars in the USA. His work is becoming more and more popular so that the famous German MVG-Verlag published his book and he was  invited to MYSTICA TV, a leading Broadcast on spirituality.

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"A German twin flame expert goes global."

Our german book on twin flames was the first one on this topic being published by a mainstream german publishers. For more than a year now the book has helped thousands in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

Even though the book helps, our main power is transformation work. After our real life experience, working with that many twin flames for over 5 years now, we know, what it takes, to master this journey. No shortcuts, no card reading. We work with energetic psychology, which is proven to work. So go ahead and talk to one of our experts for free. We analyze your current situation and blockages and show you how to master the challenge.

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We've been helping twin flames path for over 5 years.

What makes us different is the fact that we look at the rather spiritual topic of twin flames as down to earth as possible. We’re masters in decoding every individual journey. 

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“Helping people to find themselves and to live a fulfilling relationship.” 

In our eyes there is no other path of the soul that is more intense and challenging than the twin flame journey. That is exactly the reason why we chose to help people with it! We love going to the deepest essence of the soul with our clients. A diamond is created under high pressure over a long period of time. We spend at least 3 month with our clients to make sure to witness almost a new birth with them. They find themselves and soon their outer world, including relationships is harmonizing as well.

Julian Heppt

Founder of Twin Flame Love Author

Anna Nitsche

Twin Flame Love Headcoach Life partner of Julian
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