How to master your twin flame process by healing your wounds.

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Latetly, more and more people are asking themselves: What exactly is the twin flame process and how can it be mastered?
When you browse through the internet, you can find plausible explanations, but some aren’t really down to earth. In my experience: The more down to earth the explanation is, the better is the chance to go forward.
Yes sure, the connection between twin flames is made in heaven and goes beyond everything we imagined. Yet, the tasks we have to master in this process are down to earth wounds we suffered and need to heal in order to be one with ourselves again.
In the case of twin flames, you see the “map” that would make you complete perfectly mirrored in the other person.
Your buttons are pushed like never before. A perfect backround knowledge in this topic is served by the “wounds of the soul” theory by Lise Bourbeau.
She writes about the fact that every soul is born, to work on different wounds of the soul in order to find back to ones true self.
Since this is no easy task, it takes a really mature soul to face the wounds and heal them.
You can see it easily when you look around our world today. Most people are hiding behind masks and create themselves a life with over-consuming or other replacement-pleasures, just to hide from the pain they once suffered. Their ego has taken control, in order to secure them from their wounds. Only the strong and mature souls begin to recognize the senseless game the ego is playing. They begin to wake up and face the pain which seperates them from their true self.
For the exceptionally brave souls, destiny holds a special gift in store. It is orchestrated, that the soul meets his own self in the real world. This part is called twin flame. For explanation: Originally, twin flames are one soul which divided into two, in order to make different experiences in different lifes.
When they are ready, they meet each other in one of their last lifes, to support each other remembering their true self.
Traditionally one of them is more an emotional person, who knows how to deal with the female power, but often has problems with letting go. In “twin flame language” this person is called the “chaser”. The other part is more a mind driven person, who can function perfectly in the male energy, but has a problem dealing with emotions. He is called the “runner”.
The goal for both is to integrate the missing part in themselves.
That’ s why the meeting between twin flames is that explosive, because both parts see the part which would make them complete in the other person.
An unstoppable process is ignited when they meet for the first time!
A relationship between twin flames is only possible, when both parts are healed and have integrated their missing parts within themselves.
It’ s an unbelievable gift to meet your twin flame!
It’ s the most direct mirror in the world you can get and your development as a soul is pushed to a whole nother level.
That’ s what makes it so difficult to deal with, because your twin flame triggers your wounds like no one else and challenges us to heal them.
So, what are the wounds of the soul about? The famous author Lise Bourbeau differentiates 5 wounds the soul has suffered, with one mask for each wound, we wear to hide the wound.
It is fascinating that some wounds are typical for the chaser and some are typical for the runner.

Overview of the 5 wounds and their masks:

Typical wounds of the chaser:

Wound of rejection- mask of escape
Wound of abandonment- mask of dependence

Typical wounds of the runner:

Wound of betrayal- mask of control
Wound of humiliation- mask of compliance
Wound of injustice- mask of rigidity

Wound of rejection:

When it comes to the wound of rejection, the person concerned is questioning his right to exist. The pain is so huge, the person creates himself  the mask of escape. He tends to withdraw from situations he could be rejected by escaping activly or by pulling out of reality (for example by daydreaming). People who suffer under this wound, tend to not be able to defend or take their place and have very low boundaries. They often loose a lot of energy, because they tend to melt with others. The “chaser” of the twin flames often sufferes from this wound. Because he has such low boundaries he is no match for the “runner” who just is seeking control because of his fear of the emotions.
When the wound is healed, the “chaser” stands strong in his boundaries and his self-esteem. Now the “runner” feels he needs to face his emotions because he looses the control.

Wound of abandonment:

When it comes to the wound of abandonment, the person concerned has had experiences, in which he felt left alone or abandoned. The wound is so deep, the people suffering from it, immediately create the mask of dependence. People with this wound tend to please others all the time and make themselves dependent from others, just to not be abondened. They also don’t show their borders or even have never build healthy boundaries. They also tend to melt with others and loose a lot of energy along the way. This wound is also typical for the “chaser” , as they tend to everything just not be left behind by the “runner”. Often, they even take humiliation, to the point where they give up themselves. This situation is used by the “runner” who is taking full control, because of his deep fear of his emotions.
When the wound is healed, healthy boundaries can be developed and the “runner” needs to face his emotions, because he feels he is loosing control.

Typical wounds of the runner:

Wound of betrayal:

When it comes to the wound of betrayal, the person concerned has had experiences where he felt betrayed or left behind. People with this deep wound soon create the mask of control, trying to hide the wound. People who suffer from this wound tend to live only in their mind and try to control everything, also their feelings. When you deal with people suffering from this wound, you will have a hard time standing your ground. These people literally built up walls around their emotional world. When it comes to twin flames, you can easily rank in the “runner”. Because of this wound, he has built up massive walls. Voluntarily the “runner” would probably never heal this wound. It takes a person, which means so much to him, he is forced to face his emotions and let go of the control.
The “chaser” has the potential to help the “runner” heal his wound, but in order to start the healing process the “chaser” has to be able to show his boundaries to the “runner”. Now he feels he is loosing control and has to face his emotions.

Wound of humiliation:

When it comes to the wound of humiliation, the person concerned has had experiences where he felt degraded, humiliated and ashamed. Soon the mask of compliance is created  to hide from the wound.
The people suffering from this wound also want to control everything, just to avoid a possible humiliation. They tend to play the mother for others, not necessarily because of love, but to make themselve valuable for others and also have the control.
This wound also fits for the “runner” personality, who doesn’t allow himself to get in touch with his emotional world.

Wound of injustice:

When it comes to the wound of injustice, the person concerned has had experiences where he felt deeply mistreated. He has the feeling not to be respected or not to get what he deserves.
The mask he creates is the mask of rigidity. He tends to be stiff, is not easy to talk to and controls his emotions. In the twin flame constellation, the “runner” tends to suffer from this wound and most of the time is stuck because the pain is so deep. Again, the “chaser” can help the “runner” heal the wound by showing him healthy boundaries. Because the love is so strong, he will face the wound, when he feels your boundaries.


This was a short review of the 5 wounds of the soul. I hope that I could show you that each of the twin flames have different wounds and that there is no guilt. The egos just stand in the way, desperatly trying to prevent them from possible pain. That’s why at the beginning, a relationship between twin flames is not possible most of the time. The connection is so divine and lightful, that our shadows just can’t not exist, so our wounds show up. You, the “chaser” have to take the first steps into your healing.
If you do so, you will turn into a person full of self-love, self-esteem and healthy boundaries.
Since twin flames are unseperatly connected, your twin flame will feel the changes you made.
At the beginning when the “chaser” has no real boundaries, the “runner” can steal a lot of energy from the “chaser”. He desperatly needs this energy to be able to have the power to fight against the deep feelings he secretly has. So when you do your steps and integrate healthy borders, he won’t be able to get the energy. Now the circle is broken and it is only a matter of time until he loses the power to go against the love of his life. Finally his heart will win over his mind and the twin flame process has been mastered. Now the door is open for the most divine and deep love on earth!
So, dear “chaser”: Please realize the power you have in this process. With your development you can solve this process. It is in your hands! Heal your wounds, the rest will follow!
If you resonated with the article, please share it. To know about your soul wounds is important, but to overcome them is really the key to your success. Therefore we still offer free strategy sessions, to help you to see where you stand and what’s still left to do. Take action now before it’s too late and apply underneath. Choose a date where our expert team will be able to reach you for a ten minute check up call

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