How you will experience the breakthrough on your twin flame path in 2017.

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2016 and the beginning of 2017 was rather rough, right? Especially the last 6 months were a phase for a lot of people like they never experienced before. Friends, clients, and I felt an outer influence that you could not ignore.
In my work, I try to explain the phenomenon of twin flames rather down to earth and psychological. At the end of the day, your twin flame is the clearest mirror of yourself and brings life topics to light like nobody else does. To solve them for you firstly is the best thing that you can do. There is no doubt that stars and planetary constellations influence us, but the danger is quite big for us to just rest and not take responsibility for our development.  Yet, the influence was so immense in the last months and will continue to stay like this that I want to include my perspective in this article.

The year 2016 and the beginning of 2017 prepared you.

Through a decreasing Mercury and Uranus, we were almost forced to look into ourselves in the last months. To start something new or to move forward was for the most people simply not possible. To get involved with such a forcing and pressing energy is really no fun, but of course, it had a purpose. We were forced to let go of things that could slow us down in the future. To see these things one needs time for retrospection and rest. The energies of the last months served you to look into yourself (often in a painful way), to know what you really want and what doesn’t suit you anymore.

With other words: The future was prepared but didn’t happen yet.

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The year 2017: Time to execute your brilliant ideas.

Lately, Uranus decided to change it’s direction of travel and therefore trigger a completely new dynamic. Everything that was freed in you in the last months now wants to dramatically express itself. Things want to be achieved! It is a time where many people hear the “click” and flashes of inspiration manifest themselves in material things. This Energy can catapult you forward with light speed if everything is prepared. But this powerful energy can not express itself if it is blocked by old patterns and crisis can happen through that. That’s why it is necessary to adjust our insides and destroy the last blockades and patterns – for ourselves and on a higher level also for our twin flame.

2017 and your twin flame

You may think: Well that is nice but how can this help me on my twin flame path? How can I get him/her back? Well, it has a lot to do with it. If you read this article you were probably left by your twin flame. There is a clear tendency I could see In the over 1000 sessions  I had with people affected by their twin flame. The part that was left (also known as the chaser), almost always has life topics that have to do with self-acceptance and self-expression. Only if these topics are solved the twin flame love has a chance to be lived because otherwise the, for example, missing self-acceptance would be mercilessly mirrored by your twin flame. You are now ordered to go the next step. It is about becoming visible, to show your true self and to express your true greatness. The chaser is often the part that has a lot of difficulties with that. The separation of your twin affects you deeply. The large fear of loss at the beginning and the missing self-love prevent you of letting go in a healthy way. You tend to pay attention to others at the start. To look onto yourself or to follow goals is not possible at the beginning. In 2017 it is necessary to solve these topics for once and for all to dive into the energy of this special year and to profit from it. If you don’t do that you will fall quicker into small crisis because these frequencies want to pull you with them.

There are unbelievable possibilities of improvement and harmony of duality for your twin flame path. You will get the chance to implement the masculine power even better. And guess which power will be demanded by life of your twin to integrate even better? For twin flames to function long term you need something in your life for what you would die for and never neglect for too long, even though the love oh your life lays next to you in the morning.

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How your twin flame mirrors you in an unexpected way and how you can use that for yourself.

If you keep yourself busy with the twin flame topic then you will have already heard that a lot: No human being mirrors our shadow sides better than our twin flame! One moment was completely okay, and in the next moment you find yourself in a complete chaos of feelings, there are rough arguments and there is no way out. The reason is simple: The twin flame connection carries the potential of a divine-balanced relationship in itself, in there we can live out parts of ourselves, without compromises. But we have to develop into that first. Unfortunately most of us had to leave parts of ourselves behind in early childhood. You have to discover and integrate them in the twin flame path again before you can live the love. And that is the exact job of your twin… to show you mercilessly, where these parts are. And one thing is for sure, it won’t be more painful. To be betrayed by the person that you love so much, to be lied to, get cheated on, to be pushed way, is hell. All that happens, so that you can see in yourself, what you need from your twin flame.
You already might know that, if you have kept yourself busy with the twin flame topic. But what are the other reasons?
Your twin acts partly like an „asshole“ and looks like the “evil guy” of the whole story. You might be already aware of that and maybe think “He is not there yet”. But what could be mirrored to you else here? If he can not allow the love, what can you not allow in return?

2 polar energies in us:

We humans, have 2 basic needs:
The one need is to feel a sense of belonging, give love and receive love. (equates the female power)
The other need is to express ourselves in the material world and to drag out our talents. (equates the male power)

Only if these opposed powers are balanced we can feel whole. We find ourselves in a permanent flowing field, in which and where we have to understand and learn the rhythm first. The second need is often neglected by the chaser.
And even if you would never think this: You are the “bad guy” here. Because if you never bring your talents into this world you will leave all of us behind! We need you! We need your greatness! Almost all chasers have great talents in themselves. Because of their life topics they often have massive blockades that prevent them from living them out. And no, it doesn’t always have to be big things that have to be achieved. You also live your talents if you can handle animals well and take the dogs from the animal shelter out for a walk. But it is necessary that you DO IT! We need YOU!
The universe will give you everything, but first, you have to take your place in life as the one that you truly are. Show your greatness and let your light shine! If you do that, you will automatically become a massive-magnet for the fitting partner! That’s a law of life.

While your twin flame is retreating you have to think about your talents and your vision. Sure, old wounds and beliefs will show up and try to hinder you from taking action, but this is about your transformation and to courageously move on. The twin flame path is a training camp! Are you ready?


It is always easy to see the mistakes in other people. To look at ourselves what is remaining in the shadow is quite uncomfortable, but it contains real treasures. So if you think again: Why doesn’t he face his feelings?
Rather think: Why don’t I just show my greatness? If you follow such questions and dig deeper, you will be impressed which shapes your life will take. If you want to experience some major progress, you can work with me. I will be available in terms of sessions next week, before I start my seminar journey. You will learn more about my work here.

And please do not forget to share this article and listen and subscribe to the twin-flame-love podcast. It has recently become the number 1 podcast on twin flames on iTunes. Interviews with twin flame couple and key take aways are waiting. You will absolutely love it! Just use the player below and start right away.


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