Do you remember the first few days after the first encounter with your twinflame? Like a bolt of lightning, it hit you and in a moment of silence, you just knew that this meeting would change your life forever. Time and space began to blur and a feeling of having arrived home spread in you. What you didn’t know at the time was that you were actually at the starting point of the most challenging path of the soul. After a short time of pure bliss, the love of your life was taken away from you again. An unstoppable process that leaves no stone unturned began. In my work with hundreds of people who had such an encounter, I witnessed that the processes that are triggered by the twin flame dynamic are so complex and deep that they can hardly be mastered in less than a year. What I found in myself and in others who mastered this journey is that it takes a very specific mindset to survive the dark night of the soul. Let me explain to you in more detail, the important elements of the Mindset of a Master, which are essential to master your journey.

  1. See it as a boot camp!

The greatest personalities on this earth have mostly gone through extremely difficult paths before they awakened to their true self. Byron Katie, one of the world’s leading consciousness teachers, lived in deep depression for more than ten years and, due to her self-loathing, did not even allow herself to sleep in her bed anymore, but on her cold floor. But one morning, she woke up and had a deep realization: that she was not her thoughts, but the presence that is aware of her thoughts. This fact made her ego, the false image of herself which she had built up over the years, dissolve in the blink of an eye. I think that all great souls are dealing with tough paths in order to awaken. Because that’s what we’re here for. Our world of duality helps us to recognize who we are and who we are not. The pain of losing the love of our lives forges us until we realize that we ourselves are love. A diamond is created under enormous pressure over a long period of time. And that’s exactly what you’ve signed up for: becoming a diamond! To overcome this long-lasting pain, this mindset will help you.
Your path is a boot camp! No matter what life reflects you now and what emotional pain you are going through, the result at the end matters! Your twinflame is back in his old marriage? Anyway, go through the pain, the result at the end matters! You are suffering from the breakup and now you have been fired from your job? Anyway, transform what’s going on with you and align yourself, because in the end you’ll reap! This mindset has empowered me and my clients to overcome any storm. And also for you: You only have to get up one more time than you fell. Welcome and your training camp!

When you go through hard times and everything seems to be against you, when you feel like you can not bear it for a minute longer, NEVER GIVE UP, because that’s the time and place where direction changes. RUMI

2. Stay grounded!

This mindset is very important to me. If you are reading this article, chances are that you have already done a lot of research on twin flames. I respect some of my colleagues, but some lead people in a wrong direction. They just talk about the spiritual side of this constellation. I see it this way: Yes, you and your twinflame share a deep, spiritual connection, but with down to earth learning tasks that need to be mastered. If you leave aside all the terminology, then you have met a person for whom you feel such a deep love, like never before. Right now, you can not imagine that there is anyone else out there you could feel the same for. However, it does not work right between you right now, because he ran away. So all that you can do right now, on a down-to-earth level is to make the love that you feel for this person free from everything that makes you suffer and to come into trust that everything that is destined for you will come (back) into your life. If you have this down to earth mindset, you will do great progress and master all the learning tasks! If you focus too much on the spiritual aspects, there is a great danger that you will lose yourself in it and stand still.

3. A true master acts

In former times, masters who have attained enlightenment and inner peace have been described as people retreating to a mountain and meditating day and night. But this generation is different! The masters of this era are among us. They work among humans and bring their gifts into the world. And that’s exactly what it needs in this time of change. As a chaser, when you live out your potential and greatness, you are a precious for this world beyond your imagination. With your good heart you will not use your success for your ego. You will serve the big picture, and as you create abundance with your success, you will use your money to support social projects. You have no idea how valuable this is to the world! And at this point, the universe has tricked you a little bit too. It knows perfectly well that if you had been in a longtime relationship with your twinflame from the beginning, you would probably have never gone into your true potential. That’s why the separation was initiated, knowing that the only medicine for the deep pain you felt after losing your twin would be your true self and finding your purpose. Pretty clever of the universe right?
Chasers tend to believe that life is just happening to them. They often don’t know that us human beings are true creators who have the power to create their reality. So please, use the time while you are still alone. Find out what you are here for and….. ACT ON IT!

I really hope you enjoyed this article! It s all about the mindset. Be brave and most important… be proud of yourself! What you go through is not for everybody. It takes a strong soul to handle these kind of obstacles! If you like the article please share it below. If you want to finally overcome your obstacles and master the twin flame journey, you definitely should take a chance and apply for a free strategy sessionApply here! We only have capacity for a few more this month, so you should act now!