How the change of our world is massively influencing your twin flame journey and how to successfully deal with it!

If you read these lines right now, you’ve probably been through a lot in the past few months or years. By meeting your twin flame, life has pushed you on an unstoppable path and the intensity of it couldn’t have been more challenging. Am I right? So far so good. So far you have done a great job and courageously started to develop your personality. You have my deepest respect.

But what life is showing you right now is going even further! Currently you witness how reality as we know it is changing at a incredible fast pace. Your freedom, your security, your job and your finances … Everything changes. And while the majority of those around you are probably still asleep and believe that everything is just a phase and that we will soon return to the usual “normality”, you already suspect that we are in the midst of a change that the world has never seen before.

Many who contacted us recently have been very upset … Upset by the fact that they have gone through so many storms of the soul in the past and were brave transforming and now experiencing THAT! Losing their job, no real access to what their purpose is and life issues they thought they already overcame reappear.

I have to admit, the quality of time we are in probably never existed in this form before. You may also get the impression that the reality as you know literally desolves in front of your eyes and that a lot of things feel quite surreal. At the same time, you feel that something completely new is emerging in the „energyfield”.

Welcome to the time of transition! Can you feel it? Of course it is exhausting right now, but if you’re honest to yourself: haven’t you felt your whole life that something is going wrong here on earth? All the senseless consumption, the empty hearts of people, the willingness to sit in the hamster wheel for one vacation a year?

There is a big change ahead! Not just globally, but probably also in your own life. And even if you feel crazy sometimes … the change in you is real. Yes, it is even measurable!

Let me use the so-called Schumann Frequency to explain what is happening at a higher level and how you can use it for yourself. The Schumann frequency measures the vibration pattern with which the earth vibrates. The basic frequency is 7.83 Hertz. Us humans are strongly influenced by this frequency and a change in this resonance can have a major impact on our consciousness and body.

If the Schumann frequency is increased by external influences, sensitive people feel it enormously. Lately there have been days when this frequency has increased massively and has caused many to feel true leaps in consciousness. This is a major reason for what you are experiencing. Your consciousness increases and everything that does not correspond to your real self suddenly pushes into your consciousness waiting for redemption.

This means that if you are currently not feeling well and you do not see the path, it doesn’t mean that you will start from scratch, but that you are being prepared for an even higher level of your soul. The good thing about it is that the development steps can now be accomplished much faster. The downside is that if you defend yourself internally, for example for fear of change, an extremely uncomfortable time could begin for you.

Therefore, be brave! Ride the waves! Be ready for the changes that want to spread inside of you to live the life you’re destined to live!

If you have the feeling that you are blocked right now and don’t really know how to continue: We are currently taking a lot of time to help people in these epic times. We always talk to them for free to get them an overview. Just answer the questions below and we will get back to you!

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