Did I meet my twin flame or just a narcissist?

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If you have decided to read this article, it is very likely that you have met a person who has let you feel an unknown deep love. And it is possible that this very special person doesn’t really respond to your love, rejects you or even withdraws. Your inner feeling wants the question to be answered what this deep connection means and how you can handle it. And this question drives you crazy – again and again.
Many who are in such a complicated situation are looking for answers. They search through the internet and always run across the same expressions that seem to explain their situation. Soulmates, karmic love, twin flame and narcissism are the words they read the most. Some find comfort in the articles and videos they see, but many are more confused than before because it’s hard to associate their meeting with any of these terms.
Breathe in today! During my longtime work with people who are dealing with a “difficult love relationship” I’ve found out that it’s the best to leave all concepts aside as early as possible. As soon as I convinced them to just face the painful feelings which this particular person brought up in them and helped them to overcome old wounds and patterns, they suddenly found their own answers and finally saw the next steps crystal clear.
But what exactly do I mean?
More and more people are having a fateful encounter that changes their lives forever. After a very short phase of experiencing pure love that made them feel like being in paradise, the other person suddenly runs away. He turns around completely, is emotionally unavailable and rejects you. If you are still in contact, it’ll be most likely on a superficial level and intended meetings will be postponed again and again.
So what is he? Soulmate, narcissist, twin flame? IT DOESN’T MATTER! Because it only depends on what your situation mirrors you. Is there a fear after he withdraws? Do you feel low self esteem because he is dating others?
The answer to his behavior: is pure fear! After a short time, he realized that you can become dangerous to him and he loses control. He is so deeply confronted with his soft emotional world that he sees only one way out: pulling up the protective wall and fleeing. From this moment you will only torment yourself if you keep in touch with him. His ego suggests control, so as not to get hurt, and if you get involved, you’ll wake up years later, thinking you’re completely exhausted, why you even went through it. In this phase, a person sees, with these life issues, no WE, but only the ICH. It’s only logical, because it’s the female emotional world that makes us feel WE and that we feel love. Continue reading below…
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And right now it all depends on you!

The people I work with go through their deepest fears and work on their self-worth. They begin to find true treasures in themselves. One of these are their boundaries. They feel that although the love is strong, it doesn’t do them any good to be on hold or to compete with other women. They begin to find their values, for example to only open up to a person who is trustworthy and obliging. They start to trust that the right partner automatically enters their lives when they carry their newly found values ​​and boundaries.

And that’s the point where everything changes! You will draw the perfect partner (back) into your life in perfect divine timing. Many report that the person who ran from them suddenly came into their lives and where ready to let deep love in. Others told me, that the person they once thought of day and night, became more and more irrelevant and they opened up for a new, wonderful relationship with another person.

So is it your twin flame or just a narcissist? IT DOESN’T MATTER! Because everything is taken care of … ALWAYS! Recognize the mirror and the learning tasks and you will reap! When the time is right, you will attract the perfect partner (back) into your life.

Awesome, right?

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